Founder of WeCreateAgain-Pragya Anand

Who is Pragya Anand?

Pragya Anand

Hello! I’m Pragya Anand, a 21 year old belonging to Kurukshetra, Haryana. I graduated in May 2024 with a technical education background. Currently, I work as a UX Designer at Indiefluence, where I get a chance to mix both creativity and technical expertise to enhance user experiences.

In my personal time, I like reading novels, particularly the fictional ones like “The Cruel Prince” and the “Shatter Me” series. Moreover, I am deeply passionate about crocheting, a craft that allows me to hand make beautiful items. This hobby has led me to be the founder of a startup – WeCreateAgain, where I sell crocheted items like keyrings, bookmarks etc.

Why I Chose Digital Marketing

I like to keep learning something new, and that’s how I found out about digital marketing. It captured my interest as I had been looking for ways to improve the digital presence of my startup, WeCreateAgain. Realizing how important digital marketing really is, I decided to enroll in Skill Xperts Academy’s Digital Marketing Course. I plan on using the knowledge I gain here, to better my marketing strategies and connect with my customers more efficiently.

My Vision

My vision is to expand WeCreateAgain into a successful startup that not only showcases handmade items but also encourages others to do the same. I envision leading a team of artisans who create and sell their handmade products from the comfort of their homes. This vision comes from my love for handmade items and my belief in giving people who are gifted with an ability to make money from what they do so, an opportunity to do so without being tied down by the corporate lifestyle. I want WeCreateAgain to become a brand that is associated with excellence, originality, and empowerment through nurturing creativity.

About WeCreateAgain

We Create again

WeCreateAgain is more than just a business; it is a manifestation of my passion for creativity and craftsmanship. The brand specializes in handmade items, ranging from crocheted keychains to bookmarks to summer tops. Each product is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that my customers receive only the highest quality items. I believe in the beauty of handmade items and the stories they carry. Every product from WeCreateAgain is a testament to the skill and dedication of our artisans.

Starting WeCreateAgain was a dream come true, which allowed me to combine my love for creating beautiful things with my entrepreneurial spirit. The journey has been incredibly rewarding, filled with learning experiences and growth. Through WeCreateAgain, my goal is to revive the value of handmade items and support the artisans behind them.


My vision and my goals for WeCreateAgain are very similar. With the use of efficient digital marketing techniques, such as producing interesting content, enhancing our online visibility, and building a brand community, I hope to increase the brand’s influence and reach. In order to expose our products to a larger audience, I also intend to work with other creatives and influencers.

My ultimate objective is to make WeCreateAgain a household name in the handmade industry, renowned for its excellence, originality, and dedication to empowering makers.

In conclusion, my love of learning and creation has pushed me from a technical education background to become a UX designer and entrepreneur. I can now expand my business and understand my vision better thanks to digital marketing. WeCreateAgain is a community of artists committed to producing beautiful handcrafted goods, not just a brand. I am enthusiastic about the future and all of the endless possibilities it holds for WeCreateAgain because I’ve got a clear vision and set of goals.
I am thankful for you spending the time to read about my background and my goals for WeCreateAgain.

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